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About Us

How We Can Help Your Business

Promotional event with Giant Blocks gameImagine your next tradeshow...a crowd of potential customers gathered around a Giant Tumbling Towers Game with your brand colors and logo, laughing and enjoying themselves with your representatives.  Or an outdoor event, with a group of happy customers playing at a custom branded Bag Toss game.  Every good shot and enjoyable minute reinforces their positive association with your brand.

Do you own a restaurant or bar?  Imagine a group of happy patrons playing on your patio with your custom Giant Blocks Game set or Bag Toss Game, enjoying themselves, taking photos, and creating memories...all with your logo clearly displayed.

We have sold custom games to a number of large brands and businesses, including McDonalds, Jagermeister, Bacardi, and many more.  They bought from us because we offer a unique, fun way for customers to interact with their brand, and they got results with our products, and you can too.


Our Quality Guarantee

We believe that quality matters more than anything.  We strive to improve our products constantly, and to put all our effort into making amazing products that always exceed our customers' expectations, so that you will continue to come back and do business with us for years to come.

We're an ASI supplier (ASI number 47891) with a track record of taking care of our customers...every single one.


How We Started

Custom Game Source started in 2011 with a Giant Blocks Game set for an outdoor pool party.  The game was such a hit that a business was born.

When several large liquor companies and restaurants came knocking for customized sets with their logos, we realized that there were a lot of folks who could use custom games to improve and expand their own brands.

From those first Giant Blocks Games, we expanded to Bag Toss, Beer Pong, added custom storage boxes and all the products we now carry.  We're constantly on the lookout for new and interesting product ideas.


Our Location

We're based out of Maker Place in San Diego, California.  You can get in touch with us by calling: (855) 997-7512 or sending us a note on our contact page.

For wholesale order inquiries, check out our parent company page at for info on our other promotional products and imprinting options.

Our physical address is 4654 Muir Ave, San Diego, CA 92107.