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Giant Blocks Drinking Game Tumbling Towers Game

Giant Blocks Drinking Game


Guarantee that your party will be a blast!

This interactive drinking game is our original product and best seller (just check out our reviews).  

It is a throwback to the classic game you played as a kid...but with GIANT proportions...and with drinking game rules engraved on every block!

This game has been tried and tested at college parties and backyard BBQs for years, and we've never had a bad review yet!

Starting at 27" tall, the game grows to 5'+ during game play.  

Drinking Game Rules

    Here's a list of all the drinking game rules that come with this game (you'll also get a game rules list with the game):

    • 4x Make a Rule - Make a rule, any rule (ex: everyone has to pull with their left hand)
    • 4x Social - Everybody drinks.
    • 4x Pick a Mate - Pick someone. Every time you drink, they drink, for the rest of the game.
    • 1x Categories - Pick a category. Go around the circle; whoever can't think of something in the category drinks.
    • 3x Waterfall - Everyone starts drinking. When the person to your right stops, you can stop. The puller gets to start it.
    • 3x Bust a Rhyme - Say a word or sentence. Go around the circle. Whoever can't make a rhyme drinks.
    • 1x Never Have I Ever - Say "never have I ever xxx". Anyone who has done xxx drinks.
    • 1x Bomb - You have 10 seconds to pull another block, starting now...
    • 1x Drink 10
    • 2x Shot! - Take a shot
    • 2x Give 5 Drinks - Give 5 drinks out to the other players
    • 2x Take 5 Drinks
    • 1x Give Someone a Compliment Every Time You Drink
    • 1x Beer Bitch – You now have to fill up everyone’s beer when they need one.
    • 3x Guys Drink – All the guys take a drink
    • 3x Girls Drink – All the girls take a drink
    • 2x Do a Dance - Do a victory dance for everyone's amusement
    • 8x Take a Drink - Take a drink, you got off easy.
    • 7x Blank Blocks - Write in your own rules.


    • Size: 10.5" x 10.5" x 27" tall
    • Made from 54 pieces, 2x4 blocks, 18 rows
    • Made from kiln-dried pine or fir wood (depending on availability)
    • Ships within 5 business days
    • Shipping and handling charge of $35 added at checkout

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