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Giant connect four game

Giant Connect Four Game


Great for school and company events, carnivals and outdoor parties, this giant Connect Four game (also known as Up-4-It or Four-In-A-Row) always keeps a crowd entertained. At almost four feet tall, it's a blast for all ages!

Its snap-together design makes it easy to set up and tear down in about two minutes.

How to Play:

The game is simple...2 players face off and each player chooses a color.  The players take turns placing tiles and trying to get four tiles in a row.  The first player to get four in a row wins!  This incredibly fun and addicting game is made even more fun since it's huge!  


  • 3.6 feet (1.1m) tall.
  • Comes with 20 tiles in each color (40 total).
  • 38 lbs shipping weight.
  • Snaps together in about 2 minutes.
  • Durable construction from hard, smooth plastic - made to last for years and withstand abuse.


  • Ships within 3 days via UPS Ground
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